Does it snow in Paris?

We’ve spent a lot of time working in Paris over the last several years. This was especially true when we supported many of Alcatel’s global positioning objectives in the telecom and fiber optic sectors. But we’ve never seen it snow. That wasn’t the case last week when ODCA held an update session for analysts and media followed by a meet-and-greet reception for potential new members. Even with the numerous transportation snarls caused by the winter weather, the event was one of the most successful in the history of ODCA. Three cheers for the executives and participants who braved the Paris snow to discuss the benefits of open interoperable cloud computing.


ODCA video with more to come

ODCA released a video this week about the BMW cloud implementation. An incredible group of creative and strategic professionals on the ODCA communication’s team and an incredible group of cloud experts among ODCA membership. It’s a great mix. – C.L.


The devComm Group is growing again

With well over ten years of experience supporting leading global consortia such as Climate Savers Computing Initiative, Concordia Project, Java Verified, Kantara Initiative, Liberty Alliance, and Unified Testing Initiative, we’re honored to now be working with Open Data Center Alliance.

ODCA is a member-driven organization where hundreds of companies from around the world are working together to develop open, interoperable standards for secure cloud computing. ODCA leadership includes representation from BMW, Capgemini, China Unicom, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Lockheed Martin, Marriott International, Inc., National Australia Bank, NTT Data, T-Systems, Terremark, UBS and Disney Technology Solutions and Services. Intel serves as technical advisor to the Alliance.

We’ll be in Paris with this group of IT experts later this month to help spread the word about the benefits of ODCA membership and to discuss the many incredible successes ODCA has realized to date. The honor is all ours.  – Russ DeVeau


Happy Holidays! Do you know who used your credit card today?

This week – while we were working in Savannah – one of the devComm Group credit cards was being used in stores across Virginia. Kudos to the bank for recognizing and moving on the issue almost immediately and for offering fraud notifications via text and email.

A while back we managed the launch of the Liberty Alliance Identity Theft Expert Group. This group brought together experts in digital identity management to collaboratively address the growing identity theft trend. One of the first meetings of this group took place in Chicago – where representatives from the FBI, law enforcement, the legal community, and global enterprises gathered to discuss best practices for addressing identity theft issues. The overriding theme of the meeting was in the area of “it’s only a matter of time before you are somehow affected” by identity theft.

We’ve lived and worked by this philosophy ever since by implementing practices that range from paid monitoring of social security number activity and home and office shredding policies, to using best practices for online transactions and password/PIN management. Now we’re taking it a step further by working to ensure the organizations we do business with have implemented top-notch security policies and by being even more vigilant about monitoring account activities on a regular basis.

This year, along with sending family, friends and current and former clients best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season, we’re also sending a reminder to be extra careful about guarding against identity theft. Taking a few steps now to beef up account security can go a long way in protecting yourself and your family against fraud during the holiday shopping season and all year long.  -- Russ DeVeau


Moms trust blogs!

Anyone developing communications programs targeting moms and families will be interested in taking a look at this report released last week at the eighth annual Marketing to Moms Conference

A survey of 1200 moms found that over 80% of them trust blogs more than any other social channel when it comes to making purchasing decisions.  

We know how important blogs are to reaching this incredibly diverse demographic based on several of the global projects we’ve been involved with this year. Congrats to the folks over at Child’s Play PR for confirming how important trusted – and trusted is the keyword here -- blogs are to moms to moms and families.


T.J. Miller’s Unique Comedy Style Shines in New .ME Registry Video

Check out this new video from the .ME Registry starring T.J. Miller who demonstrates that, “you're not a corporation, you're a person.” Miller’s unique comedy style is fun to watch. Bob, Bob...

T.J. Miller’s Unique Comedy Style Shines in New .ME Registry Video

Digital Radio & Social Media Comedy Campaign Kick-off

NEW YORK, N.Y. and PODGORICA, Montenegro, Sept. 19, 2012 – The .ME Registry, operator of the .ME domain name extension, today announced the release of a hilarious new video starring standup comedian T.J. Miller. The comical clip is the first in a series of new promotional videos to be released by the .ME Registry featuring leading comedians in scenarios that show why a .ME domain is the right Web address for people. Miller’s unconventional and often surprising portrayal of a frazzled executive who finds inner peace by realizing “he’s not a dotCOM, he’s a dotME” can be viewed at www.register.ME.

“We believe comedy is one of the best ways to let people know they should register their preferred dotME domain name before it’s taken by someone else,” said the .ME Registry CEO Predrag Lesic. “We invite people everywhere to join us for a laugh online. The very funny T.J. Miller video shows the world that a dotCOM address is for corporations and a dotME address is for people.”

A .ME domain name allows people to stand out on the Internet and is a great way to humanize Web content and promote a personalized blog or Website. People and organizations worldwide have registered .ME domain names as part of search engine optimization (SEO), online reputation management and Web branding strategies.

The .ME comedy campaign is produced by RadioFace, a New York-based creative services firm specializing in developing comedy content for brands, media companies and other organizations. The campaign includes the launch of www.register.ME where additional comedy content and information about .ME sweepstakes can be viewed. The new Website also features .ME success stories and allows customers to check on the availability of, and purchase .ME domain names. 

About The .ME Registry
The .ME Registry (the d.b.a. of doMEn, d.o.o.) was chosen by the government of Montenegro to operate the new .ME domain name extension. The .ME Registry partners include ME-net, and Afilias Limited. Me-Net is located in Montenegro and its principals have been leaders in the ICT sector in Montenegro, including the privatization of its largest ISP. is located in the USA and is a leading Web hosting provider and domain name registrar according to Netcraft Ltd. Afilias Limited is headquartered in Ireland and is a leading registry services provider, supporting more than 13 million domains worldwide. Connect with the .ME Registry on Twitter and Facebook.


Natasa Djukanovic
1-866-941-5341 (fax)

Russ DeVeau
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You're Not a .com, You're a .ME

Some fun contest news from our friends at The .ME Registry...

.ME Registry Announces Five Day Social Media Contest

Get Social & Receive a Free .ME Domain Name Registration

NEW YORKSept. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Get ready to get social. The .ME Registry, operator of the .ME domain name extension, the most personal domain around, today announced the "You're Not a .com, You're a .ME" social media contest. The contest will run from Sept. 17-21. All participants who take part on a daily basis will receive a complimentary, one year .ME domain name registration. Three grand prize winners will receive a Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera. The .ME Registry will announce grand prize winners on Twitter during the week of Oct. 1.

"Thousands of .ME domain names are registered every month as an alternative to .com by people who want to show the world that they are a person, not a corporation," said Predrag Lesic, CEO of the .ME Registry. "We invite people everywhere to join us on Twitter for a chance to secure their preferred .ME domain name before it's taken by someone else."

A .ME domain name is the Web address for people who want to stand out on the Internet and is a great way to promote a blog or Website. People and organizations worldwide have registered .ME domain names to humanize Web content and make their sites personal. Additionally, .ME domain names are commonly used as part of search engine optimization (SEO), online reputation management and Web branding strategies. Check the availability of and purchase a .ME domain name atwww.Domain.Me.

Entering the "You're Not a .com, You're a .ME" contest is as easy as following .ME on Twitter and re-tweeting the .ME contest tweet daily throughout the contest period. Everyone who follows .ME on Twitter and re-tweets the contest tweet once a day will receive a complimentary .ME domain name registration. Grand prize winners will be selected from the pool of all participants. Complete rules are posted on the .ME website here.
Connect with The .ME Registry on Twitter & Facebook

About The .ME Registry:  .ME Registry (the d.b.a. of doMEn, d.o.o.) was chosen by the government of Montenegro to operate the new .ME domain name extension. .ME Registry partners include and Afilias LimitedMe-Net is located in Montenegro and its principals have been leaders in the ICT sector in Montenegro, including the privatization of its largest ISP. is located in the USA and is a leading Web hosting provider and domain name registrar according to Netcraft Ltd. Afilias Limited is headquartered in Ireland and is a leading registry services provider, supporting more than 13 million domains worldwide.

Natasa Djukanovic
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Russ DeVeau
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Pin It To Win It: Pinterest is Jamming

According to an article published last week in Social Media Today, July saw Facebook retake the lead in driving traffic. StumbleUpon is number two, slightly ahead of YouTube and Pinterest, with reddit and Twitter taking fifth and sixth place. As Digg moves through a revamp on look and functionality, the social networking site is number seven on the driving traffic list.

We've been keeping a close eye on the growth of Pinterest -- while also noting how this growth has helped spur user security issues -- for quite a while. As the traffic trend line continues to point up, we're also paying close attention to how traffic from Pinterest is playing an important role in driving e-commerce.
But it's the "pin it to win it" phenomenon that is causing several client teams to take a closer look at Pinterest.  This contest concept has proven to be a great strategy for placing messages and increasing visibility across a variety of media. We’re in the early stages of planning a pin it to win contest and the communications opportunities are significant. Is it time your organization had a strong presence on Pinterest?

Russ DeVeau: Twitter Best Practices

We point to the successes we've had in populating industry events whenever we discuss some of the benefits and ROI associated with social media.

We've driven attendance at HIMSS events, filled workshops at RSA Conferences, and went from zero attendees to overflow capacity at JavaOne press events by aggressively leveraging Twitter as a primary communications channel. 

While clear goals and flexibility are important to the success of any social media campaign, hashtag creation and management are critical factors for realizing measurable successes on Twitter. As we work on plans for our next potential Twitter contest, we're having a lot of fun brainstorming hashtag development ideas with client teams. #WhatsYourHashtagStrategy?


Russ DeVeau: Content Marketing and the Byline Article

In a communications world where “content is king” and content development and marketing have become a critical component of successful marketing campaigns, the byline article continues to be an important tactic for driving positioning and visibility for executives and organizations.

Check-out the series of recent articles we’ve written for one of our global clients in the Green IT and sustainable ICT sectors. The series has been developed to communicate key messages, provide the reader with a call-to-action and to consistently showcase some of the benefits of energy efficient computing. This well received series has also provided regular content for social media and has played an important role in meeting client SEO objectives. Should byline articles be on your content calendar?

Save Energy And The Planet One PC at a Time
Turn Your PC Power Management Back On, It Works Now!
Three Giant Steps Forward in Improving Network Energy Efficiency
Grading Green Accomplishments
Buying Certified Green All Year Long
> Are You Ignoring One Of The Simplest Ways To Go Green?
> Retweeting For Earth Hour And Power Management
Celebrate Earth Day’s 42nd Birthday by Turning Your Power Management On


Interoperable Identity Solutions

Russ DeVeau’s communications experience in the digital identity management sector includes driving global positioning for the Liberty Interoperable SAML 2.0 testing program. This includes working with leading deployers of identity solutions such as the US GSA and governments around the world as well as with top vendors in the identity sector such as Entrust, IBM, Microsoft, Novell, Ping Identity, SAP and Siemens to position and promote the program and vendor products in global markets. Select positioning and media placement highlights:

Internet News - Liberty Alliance Unveils Improved SAML Certification
Government Computer News - SAML-compliant products named
eWeek - Federated Identity: More Security Products Take Home Passing Grades
ZDNet - Liberty Alliance endorses new ID products
TechTarget - SAML gains momentum
InfoWorld - Seven pass latest Liberty Alliance conformance tests
Government Computer News - Single sign-on protocol gains steam as more products are certified 
Network World - Microsoft passes its first SAML 2.0 interoperability test 
Dark Reading - Seven Big-Name Vendors Pass Liberty Alliance SAML 2.0 Interoperability Testing 
Gartner - New Identity Federation Moves Should Help Increase Adoption 


The devComm Group - Curation Attribution

A few years back Web Aggregation seemed to be all the rage. Technologies such as Yahoo Pipes and custom developed applications such as the one we spearheaded for Kantara became popular for aggregating news and content on portals and websites. Fast forward to today and Web Curation has become an incredibly popular medium for aggregating, publishing and branding content on the Web. But as curation continues to grow in popularity, issues related to attribution are increasingly becoming a hot topic.

Authors of original works and organizations publishing materials have understandably raised concerns about having the names of others associated with their work on curated pages. Some industry analysts have joined the attribution discussion by calling on the communications industry to take the lead in ensuring proper attribution of curated works. And while there are ongoing conversations about standardizing attribution for the curated world, a singe method has yet to be consistently adopted.

We're seeing the H/T (“hat-tip,” a term that originated on Twitter) and “Via” as two of the most common forms of curation attribution. Our current favorite is using the word SOURCE to clearly call-out authors and outlets on curated posts. This is the method we currently use for the Russ DeVeau Sustainable ICT Daily - one of several topics we curate - and the method we see as fair to authors of original works.

While formal attribution isn’t part of everyone’s curation strategy, we believe giving a personal shout-out to the authors and outlets producing the stories we select for our curated sites is an important tactic as the curation industry continues to quickly evolve.

What about you? Do you have thoughts on Web Curation attribution? Give us a shout on Twitter @Russ_DeVeau or on LinkedIn as we continue to look at best practices for Web Curation.


Communications - The Blended Approach

We often talk to clients and potential clients about the “blended approach” to communications and pubic relations. This is a proactive program that combines traditional and social media strategies and tactics with a steady stream of fresh content to help people and organizations reach positioning and visibility goals. Here’s a good example of the blended approach in action from CSCI, one of the organizations we work with. Blogging, news, events, video and social media, they all play an important role in today’s proactive communications programs and they all provide important tools for communicating key messages to influencers and communities.


What’s your Content Strategy?

We’ve long been big advocates of the “content is king” message as a means to educate client teams on best practices for leveraging social media as part of a comprehensive communications program. So as we head through 2Q we’re updating content opportunities to complement a variety of planned communications activities. In a communications environment where traditional and social media play important roles, no communications plan is complete without regular content discussions. In fact, the majority of our recent client brainstorming sessions have focused on content development opportunities. Content development discussions are the new norm. 


OneID – The New Kid on the Block

We’ve worked in the digital identity space for quite a while supporting the global positioning of organizations, standards and a variety of security and privacy initiatives from both the technology and policy perspectives. This is why we’re keeping an eye on OneID, the newest kid on the block in the identity space. With $7 million in new funding, will OneID be the one to bring the need for multiple passwords to an end?

Your Mother’s Maiden Name

We’ve worked hand-in-hand with leading industry influencers and organizations working to advance a more secure, trusted and privacy-respecting internet. This includes the launch of the Liberty Alliance Identity Theft Special Interest Group and positioning security and privacy initiatives in global markets. The risks – due in part to the rapid growth in social networking – remain high. A survey released today by Faronics finds that 32% of responders would send a password or their mother’s maiden name via email or a social networking site.

What’s the ROI?

We’re often asked how to best measure the ROI of social media programs and campaigns. Our answer is usually in the area of “ROI is always determined by how well a social media program did in meeting original goals.” We just finished a Twitter campaign that resulted in 807 retweets of a particular message, far exceeding our original goal and leading to a variety of new social media opportunities. Having clear goals and remaining flexible based on industry and social media developments are always key factors in the success of any social media program.

NYC Energy Efficiency

We’re always glad to see new activities taking place in lower Manhattan. And given we focus heavily on sustainable ICT, we’re equally pleased to see that the new World Trade Center will become a model for urban energy efficiency. EarthTechling has reprinted an article by Ali Levine that details how the new World Trade Center buildings are expected to be at least 20% more energy efficient than New York City’s current energy code requirement. Check out all the energy saving features by reading Levine’s article here and see more renderings of the new World Trade Center complex at  Image via

Intel: What happens in an Internet Minute?

Intel has released a very cool piece highlighting what happens on the Internet every minute. Did you know that in just one minute…

…more than 204 million emails are sent

…approximately 20 million photos are viewed on Flickr

…at least 6 million Facebook pages are viewed around the world

…more than 61,000 hours of music are played on Pandora

…more than 1.3 million video clips are watched on YouTube

Given our focus areas we would likely be most interested in looking at the energy consumed in an Internet minute and at the security and privacy risks involved in the continuously growing social networking world. Check out the Intel Inside Scoop blog for more highlights.

Threat Predictions 2012

M86 Security Labs recently released “Threat Predictions 2012,”a paper that gives an overview of some of the security risk trends of 2011 and describes a number of potential risks organizations should be on the look-out for in 2012, including increased threats to public and private clouds. Of course risks associated with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter remain on the 2012 list as these sites continue to grow. The paper is timely as Pinterest – one of the newest and fastest growing social networking platforms – begins to see scams and phishing on the rise. – Russ DeVeau

Russ DeVeau on Global Communications

Developed based on our experience supporting global international organizations directly from Paris and London, this devComm Group PR Newswire presentation by Russ DeVeau serves as a good starting point for organizations looking to communicate across regions and cultures.

Russ DeVeau: Fiber Optic Lighting, A Guide for Specifiers

Russ DeVeau is author of the first and second editions of the book “Fiber Optic Lighting, A Guide for Specifiers.”  Members of The devComm Group regularly write case studies, bylined articles, executive reports, strategic positioning papers, technical briefs, speeches and content for social media. Our portfolio of services includes partnering with authors, writers and content development and creative teams on a variety of editorial projects. 

The devComm Group and Earth Hour 2012

Earth Hour takes place this Saturday, March 31 from 8:30 – 9:30pm in local time zones. Participation in the global event has grown by millions since Earth Hour was first held in Australia back in 2007. With a focus on positioning energy efficient technologies in global markets, The devComm Group is proud to join the celebration again this year and equally proud to help promote the “go beyond the hour to do more for the planet all year long” message World Wild Life Fund established in 2011. One of the easiest ways to go beyond the hour to reduce energy consumption at home and at work is by turning your laptop and PC power management on. It’s a set-it and forget-it step that could save you up to $60 a year in energy costs for every computer using power management and an easy way to do more for the planet all year long. Check the Earth Hour website for great info about this year’s event.  - Russ DeVeau

The devComm Group is Growing Again

With ten years of experience supporting tech giants and leading Internet and technology initiatives, and another ten years of experience supporting global consortia, we’re expanding to include an even greater focus on energy efficient technologies. This includes sustainable information and communications technologies (ICT), the technologies that may help drive the deployment of greener clouds, and the development of communications strategies and tactics to help organizations position and differentiate in these areas. – Russ DeVeau

Senior Corporate Executives on Twitter

eMarketer Daily is reporting on a study conducted by BRANDfog indicating that consumers and employees regard company leaders engaging in social media activities positively. We’re huge fans of senior executives taking to social media platforms to communicate messages and to interact with customers, influencers and targeted communities. Clear goals and messages need to be established before organizations move to leverage social media and flexibility is always key to realizing short and long-term successes. – Russ DeVeau

The devComm Group on Social Media Contests

We’re supporting a social media contest for CSCI, a Portland-based consortium with a membership base consisting of global leaders in the sustainability industry. While we’ve launched and managed social media contests in the past, the growth of social networks has created a group of contest “professionals” who are aggressive in playing to win. New technologies, the formation of contest networks and the growth of online contest pros need to be key factors in the launch of any contest leveraging social media

Climate Savers Computing Announces Earth Hour Power Management Twitter Contest

Theme: Turn power management on for a greener and more energy efficient planet

PORTLANDOre., March 14, 2012 — Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI), the international consortium focused on reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of information and communications technologies (ICT), today announced that its Earth Hour 2012 Retweet for Power Management Contest will run from March 23 through March 30. Winners will be announced on CSCI’s Twitter and Facebook pages on Tuesday, April 3.

CSCI started the contest in 2011 to raise awareness of the environmental and financial benefits of using power management on laptops, PCs and servers, and in response to Earth Hour’s call for people and organizations to do more for the planet all year long. People participated in the contest by following CSCI on Twitter, retweeting CSCI contest tweets, and taking the CSCI pledge to use power management at home and at work.

In 2012 there are even more ways to win. In addition to Twitter, people can enter by liking CSCI’s Facebook page and by sharing CSCI’s Facebook contest post with their Facebook friends. People who retweet, take the CSCI power management pledge, and like and share on Facebook will have 10 chances to win a prize donated by CSCI members.

“We invite everyone to join us in celebrating Earth Hour 2012 by turning their power management on and by participating in this year’s CSCI Retweet for Power Management Contest,” said George O. Goodman, executive director, CSCI.
Rules and prizes are available on CSCI’s Facebook page.

About Climate Savers Computing Initiative
CSCI is a 700 member consortium led by sustainability leaders from Cisco, Emerson Network Power, Google, Intel, Juniper Networks, Microsoft, Samsung and World Wildlife Fund. Since its launch in 2007 the organization has helped the ICT industry save over $2 billion in annual energy costs by decreasing annual CO2 emissions from computing equipment by 41 – 45 million metric tons. CSCI has done this by driving the adoption of power management and through the development of more energy efficient computing and networking technologies. Nearly 11,000 people have joined CSCI by pledging to use power management and to purchase energy efficient computing products. Follow CSCI on

the Web,
Twitter ,


Climate Savers® is a trademark or registered trademark of WWF, the international conservation organization. Used under license.


Russell DeVeau
Russ DeVeau
Russ DeVeau on Twitter @Russ_DeVeau
Mobile/Text- 908-251-1549

Project Snapshot: The IDDYs

Developed and launched by Russ DeVeau and  The devComm Group team, the annual IDDY (Identity Deployment of the Year) Awards recognize people and organizations developing identity-based applications and services. With categories including online security, privacy and strong authentication, recent recipients of the award include Aetna, Citi, Deutsche Telekom the U.S. Department of Defense, Google, the UK Government, and Vodafone.

New Book on Energy Efficient Computing

A new book authored by energy efficiency experts from Intel shows how computers use energy, how to measure energy use, and specific hardware and software design methodologies that lead to energy savings. Check out “Energy Aware Computing: Powerful Approaches for Green System Design,” and meet the authors on the Intel Press website here.Russ DeVeau

A Big Day for Online Privacy?

As Google implements its new privacy policies, AP provides an overview of what these changes mean to Google’s over one billion users. This comes as ZDNet reports that Facebook is facing a nationwide class action lawsuit for tracking users even after they are logged out of the social network. – Russ DeVeau

Client Educational Video

A great example of an educational video by Climate Savers Computing, one of the organizations we support. Who knew the benefits of power management could be so significant? 

500 Million Users

Twitter has hit 500 million users and is growing at over 1 million accounts per day. While some analysts are questioning how many accounts are actually active, an average of 13 new Twitter accounts are created every second. We’re readying a new research project where nearly every Twitter feed we are monitoring is filled with spam. So we’re wondering how many of the 500 million Twitter accounts have been developed specifically for spamming purposes. We’ll address Twitter spam in a best practices document we expect to release later this year. – Russ DeVeau

The devComm Group Intern Shout Out

Every year we get to work with some of the brightest and most creative interns. That’s true again this year as the team shows off some of their talents with the development of a client graphic that has already been published on several web and news sites. – Russ DeVeau

Online Identity Theft

A while back we worked on a program that brought the FBI, the U.S. Department of Justice and industry leaders in the digital identity management sector together to collaboratively address the growing online identity theft issue. Yet as time passes the identity theft problem continues to grow. This is why it’s good to see the launch of a new organization made up of industry leaders working together to specifically address phishing identity issues with industry standards. – Russ DeVeau

Online Privacy Concerns Continue

It was early 1999 when Scott McNealy was working at Sun Microsystems and made the remarks “you have zero privacy anyway.”

McNealy was generally referring to consumers engaging in online e-commerce transactions, a phenomenon that was still relatively new at the time.   McNealy’s comments generated headlines as businesses and privacy organizations – including organizations we have partnered with – were targeting an increasing number of online privacy issues.

Fast forward to today and it appears privacy remains a huge concern amog consumers. Findings from a TRUSTe report published in Direct Marketing News show that 90% of consumers worry about privacy online. It’s a timely read as businesses, Google and social networking sites have privacy policies that continue to evolve. – Russ DeVeau

Twitter for Breaking News?

Mashable reported yesterday that news of Whitney Houston’s death broke on Twitter almost half an hour before major news outlets began reporting on the story. Russ DeVeau

Shift in the Social Networking Landscape?

Among some of our clients and in the overall social networking industry, we’re seeing a general increase in LinkedIn activity, Facebook somewhat flat and Twitter continuing to grow. We’re looking at a variety of ways to best leverage and help shape these and other potential social networking trends. Step one is clear goals. – Russ DeVeau

The devComm Group YouTube Philosophy

There have been indicators that people are increasingly more willing to click-on and watch videos that are of longer and longer length. We’re still fans of brief and fun videos that deliver the right messages. Here’s a good example, from Climate Savers Computing, an organization we work with, of a 30 second video reminding viewers to turn their PC power management on to save on their electricity bills and to do their part for the environment. – Russ DeVeau

The devComm Group on Social Media Contests

We’re readying another social media contest for one of clients. Following #win, #contest and #sweepstakes. A lot going on in the giveaway feeds! UPDATE: #giveaway is hopping as well. These are important feeds for ogs looking to launch and manage contest campaigns on Twitter. Russ DeVeau

Are You Ignoring One Of The Simplest Ways To Go Green?

A great article from Climate Savers Computing Initiative, an organization we work with, published at EarthTechling discussing how many people and businesses are missing out on the benefits of PC power management.

Are You Ignoring One Of The Simplest Ways To Go Green?

Earlier this month Ovum, the UK-based analyst firm published a report showing that many businesses and organizations are missing out on the benefits of using power management on PCs. We were thrilled to see CSCI members– who are global leaders in driving the wide scale adoption of power management — included in the report and equally glad to see that the report highlights the huge financial and environmental savings organizations can realize by implementing power management systems.

If you’re reading this article, you may be wondering “what is power management and what’s the big deal?” This a great question and one I answer frequently when talking to people and organizations about CSCI’s mission and the benefits of membership. Power management controls the amount of energy your laptop or computer uses when it’s not in use. Power management controls are already loaded on your computer and with just a few clicks can be implemented in minutes. Depending on the cost of energy in your area and the age of your computer, implementing power management can save you up to $60 a year on your electricity bill. It’s an easy way to save money and an even easier way to do your part to help save the environment.

But the Ovum report looks at how enterprises are using power management and highlights how many organizations are ignoring the environmental and bottom-line benefits that wide scale deployment of power management can deliver. If using power management on just one computer at home can save up to $60 a year in energy costs, imagine what the savings could be if an enterprise has hundreds or thousands of computers running power management systems. The environmental and financial savings would indeed be huge. In fact, Ovum found that enterprises were overlooking energy consumption savings of up to 40% by not implementing power management across the organization.

So why would enterprises miss out on such huge environmental and financial savings? According to findings by Ovum at least some of the hesitation enterprises have about deploying large-scale power management is based on false perceptions, one of which is that power management systems may interfere with core IT processes. And while members of our power management workgroup have worked collaboratively to address this perception, it was great to see that none of the vendor products Ovum looked at for their January report caused any interference with IT operations or maintenance.

It is clear however, that barriers – both real and perceived – are hindering the wide scale deployment of enterprise power management systems. But I’m pleased to say that CSCI members are leading the charge in helping to ensure these barriers are eliminated. And I’m equally pleased to say that our Power Management workgroup moves quickly to address new issues as soon as we learn about them from members and from the global information and communications technologies (ICT) community.

During the last several months our power management workgroup has held productive roundtables throughout North America and in Europe with the number one goal of helping to ensure that software and power management can always work seamlessly together. These events have brought CSCI power management experts together with developers and enterprises to address a wide variety of power management issues and have been extremely successful in helping to move enterprise power management systems forward.

As we move full-speed-ahead into a new year, we’ve made increasing the adoption of power management on laptops, PCs and servers a top focus area for 2012. And with 700 corporate members from around the world and over 11,000 people joining as individuals by pledging to use power management at home and at work, were moving quickly to increase the well over $2 billion in annual energy costs we’ve helped the global ICT industry save through the use of power management and more energy efficient computing.

Hats-off to Ovum for helping to educate businesses and organizations about the benefits power management can deliver. And here’s to an ever increasing number of people and businesses leveraging power management as an important tool for meeting a variety of energy saving and sustainability goals.

About the author – George O. Goodman is the Executive Director of Climate Savers Computing Initiative.

Russ DeVeau on The Facebook IPO

All eyes on the potential Facebook IPO. We’ll be watching this from the perspective of what the IPO may mean for the overall social networking and advertising industries, and from the user privacy point-of-view.  But like most folks, we’re also curious about price points, where it may open and where it goes over the short and long-term. – Russ DeVeau

Russ DeVeau on the McDonald’s #McDStories Twitter Campaign

Epic #McFail or social media growing pains? There are some great lessons to be learned from the McDonald’s  #McDStories campaign for any organization or PR firm looking to leverage social media as part of their overall communications strategy. Every angle must be addressed during the planning process and working in silos during the campaign development stage is never a good idea.

The substantial press and social media coverage did cause us to go check out the McDonald’s twitter page. We generally believe the majority of tweets issued by an organization should help support brand positioning. That doesn’t seem to be the case over at @McDonalds. Perhaps the McDonald’s twitter team should consider issuing a “Good McMorning!” every now and then. – Russ DeVeau

Russ DeVeau on Twitter!/Russ_DeVeau

The devComm Group on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Others…

We use them all and we have some very strong preferences and requirements when it comes to search engines and search capabilities. Wondering what the privacy experts at Kantara Initiative — and their partner orgs — think about Google’s new privacy updates. Russ DeVeau

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Russ DeVeau on Consortium Marketing and Public Relations

“We understand the unique challenges and many opportunities member-driven organizations have when it comes to realizing communications and visibility objectives,” said Russ DeVeau, principal and creative director, The devComm Group. “From communications programs that support mission and recruitment goals to strategies and tactics for positioning members and output, we’re honored to be a partner-of-choice for consortia looking to raise awareness among target audiences and influencers.”

The devComm Group Expands Client Roster

Grows leadership in marketing and communications for member-driven organizations and global consortia

With today’s news, The devComm Group’s experience working with leading consortia now includes Climate Savers Computing Initiative, Concordia Project, Java Verified, Kantara Initiative, Liberty Alliance, and Unified Testing initiative. The firm provides consortia and other organizations with a wide variety of proactive communications services including news and editorial services, event management, industry analyst relations, and integrated media and social media relations.

“We understand the unique challenges and many opportunities member-driven organizations have when it comes to realizing communications and visibility objectives,” said Russ DeVeau, principal and creative director, The devComm Group. “From communications programs that support mission and recruitment goals to strategies and tactics for positioning members and output, we’re honored to be a partner-of-choice for consortia looking to raise awareness among target audiences and influencers.”

The devComm Group specializes in partnering with organizations to quickly understand market and positioning opportunities, and in delivering customized services, content, and hands-on support to achieve communications results. With a focus on the sustainability, virtualization, technology and cloud computing sectors, the firm’s portfolio of experience includes some of the most recognized brands in the world including Alcatel, HP, IBM and SAP.

The devComm Group is led by Russ DeVeau, a communications specialist with over twenty years of experience helping organizations meet regional, national and international communications goals. Russ DeVeau is author of the book Fiber Optic Lighting, A Guide for Specifiers, one of the first books on fiber optic illumination in architectural and museum environments, and regularly writes case studies, bylined articles, executive reports, strategic positioning papers, technical briefs and content for social media. Russ DeVeau’s complete bio is available at . The devComm Group works globally from Boston, New York and Fort Lauderdale markets. Interact with Russ DeVeau on Twitter at!/Russ_DeVeau

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Russ DeVeau Bio

Russ DeVeau
Russell DeVeau is a communications specialist with nearly twenty years of experience helping organizations meet marketing, public relations and visibility objectives. Having focused extensively in the technology and telecommunications sectors, he has been at the forefront of positioning many of the most influential Internet, e-business and mobile initiatives. For the past decade, DeVeau has managed strategic communications for organizations in the digital identity management, governance and security sectors, as well as high-visibility campaigns for enterprises positioning next generation enterprise, mobile and Web 2.0 applications and services.

Having been based in London, Paris and New York, DeVeau has worked with some of the most well known technology brands in the world including Alcatel, IBM, Google, HP and SAP, as well as with cultural, educational and government organizations such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the University of Hartford and the US government. He has provided strategic and tactical services in support of numerous industry “firsts” and has partnered with senior executives, developer communities and communications teams worldwide to launch new organizations, products and online reputation and visibility programs.

As an acclaimed market researcher and strategist, DeVeau has helped organizations of all sizes implement proactive media and industry analyst relations programs in support of corporate branding initiatives, crisis communications and merger and acquisition activities. He is a recognized leader in helping organizations understand the value social media can deliver to today’s communications initiatives and has created and launched campaigns blending traditional public relations programs with new media strategies and tactics to meet a variety of communications and visibility objectives.

DeVeau has presented to audiences around the world on best practices for successful media and social media relations, authored two books on the subject of fiber optic illumination and regularly writes blogs, bylined articles, executive reports, newsletters and strategic positioning papers. He has served on numerous educational and marketing committees and has a BA in communications and marketing from Central Connecticut State University and a MFA from Parsons School of Design in New York City.

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